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BW helps transform businesses with cutting-edge innovative engineering solutions and ICT services. We accompany project owners, enterprises, SMEs, associations, and organizations by offering innovative solutions for the implementation of their projects with digital solutions. Operating at the intersection of lean product development, user-centric design, and engineering excellence, we build progressive, scalable, value-driven IT systems that solve serious problems.

Innovative Solutions Provider

We build digital solutions that respect your time and money, with the latest technologies to suit our customers' needs with respect to their corporate image. Our complete focus is on providing our clients with the most optimal, cost-effective and robust solutions, which boost up the increase in the returns and productivity of their businesses and becoming a service provider of choice for our every client by outperforming our direct competition in the quality, efficiency, and diversity of the services we offer.
Web and Mobile Development Managed IT Services

Research and Development

R&D centre for innovative solutions development aim at solving the bottom of the pyramid problems that we face today. Our engineering process defines the phases and cycles through which pertinent ideas + problems are processed and transformed into solutions. At BW, we rethink business innovation and research activities to boost overall competitiveness at local and global scales.
BW Labs

Engineering and Projects

BW Group Ltd also provides a strong team of experienced consultants to help you with the design, supervision, support, and execution of engineering projects. We staff projects with our own experts (Project Sourcing), we find and select additional experts to join your workforce (Recruitment) and we manage and execute outsourced projects (Turn-key Projects). We offer technical-administrative consultancy to support your project teams in the study office or on the construction site. Our support consultants assist project engineers and managers with their administration so they can focus on their project management tasks.

Professional Training Programs and Workshops

In order to connect professionals with this digital world that evolves over time, and to increase the productivity of professionals in their sectors of activity; BW Group Ltd through its new division BW Training is launching series of professional training workshops in the areas of software expertise and software developments. Learn the skills you need from the industry experts. Training Programs can be customized to meet client needs and requirements. New programs are added frequently as our training experts develop new concepts to fit the changing technology and business climate.
BW Training
As technology transforms the way we buy, sell, and do everything, don’t let essential people and processes get left behind. BW can help you define the innovation you need to win today — and the vision you need to win tomorrow. It's not the code that counts. It's the impact.
Don’t just build something. Build the right thing. We don’t just design with your users in mind. We design with your users involved. Skip the overspend on unwanted features and focus on delighting the people who matter most. We empower people to experience the designs we’ve envisioned — and they let us know when we’re onto something.
We don’t just build it for you. We build it with you. Innovation is no longer something you can outsource 100% — it’s something you must own. Our development experts code in collaboration with your team to strengthen your solution and build your digital innovation core competency. When you partner with BW, a knowledge-transfer is built right in.

Our Network

Thanks to the strength of our network, we are able to focus on providing the right solution for our clients according to their specific business needs, offering a truly vendor-independent approach.
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